SIX OLD GEEZERS Photo Posting Instructions

Before starting.......your photos must be resized to 400 horizontal pixels or less and in .jpg or jpeg formats

1. In the "Add a Message" Box, go ahead and enter text as always. Iím posting the text "Sundayís fish at 603 horizontal pixels".

2. Then skip a space (hit your enter key to do this, and to add your resized photo, use the format shown below)
   a. \image{picture.jpg} or what every your picture name may be on your PC.
   b. I am using abab so I type \image{abab}
   c. If your are going to add additional pictures like I did above, leave a vertical space between photos
   d. It would look like the STEP ONE sample \image{abab} \image{abab}
   e. Once you have done this much, and are ready to upload your pictures to the message board
   f. Enter your username and password as you normally do.
   g. Then click Preview/Post message

3. You will see something similar to the The STEP TWO sample.

4. Just click Post this message

5. Somethig similar to my Step 3 sample should appear
   a. Click each Chose File box to add yourr photo from your PC
   b. Repeat above for each photo you want to post

6. LAST STEP is to click UPLOAD any your photos should appear in a few seconds